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Kennett, Mo. Humane Department reports shot dog

The Kennett Humane Department reports Saturday that animals are being shot in the vicinity of of local dunk hunting spot near Kennett, Mo.

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Malden makes decision to halt animals gassing for surrounding communities

Documents showing the number of animals coming in from Kennett for gassing had been released to the public Wednesday evening. Kennett Humane Department and their supporters were claiming the numbers were false. In order to clear the air, Donna Prenger agreed to obtain further documentation from the city offices on Friday to set the record straight. Those documents were published late Friday evening. -City administrator, Ted Bellers, had already made the decision earlier in the week that Malden would no longer offer gassing euthanasia services to surrounding communities. A letter was sent out to area city administrators on Wednesday, informing them of the decision

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Malden provides documentation for gassing services provided to Kennett Humane

Petix and supporters of Kennett Humane Society have cried foul and contended that there was no proof, but here it is in black and white.

All hell broke loose in Southeast Missouri and the Bootheel after the article “Allegations of Kennett Humane Department gassing animals at Malden facility” hit the information highway. Texts, private messages, telephones, and social media pages blew up with the news. Each ticket was completed, per drop off, by the Kennett Humane Shelter, and signed by Petix.

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Allegations of Kennett Humane Department gassing animals at Malden facility

Not only was Kennett Humane Department euthanizing animals against everything they claimed, they were putting them to death by gassing, one of the most barbaric methods possible. Instead of humanely euthanizing the animals at any number of area veterinarians they were putting them through the shear torture, terror, and agony of slow suffocation.

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