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How hip are you to where your donor dollars go?

What do you really know about the animal rescues that you support? Do you really look at the work they do and how they spend all those hard earned dollars that you donate? You certainly want your donations to go where they make the most impact, right?

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In search of Mack

Patterson adopted Mack from Rough Road Rescue who later confiscated Mack back and refused to return the dog to his family. Patterson won in court twice and still the rescue wouldn’t bring the dog home. Court of Appeals order the rescue to return Mack “forthwith”. The Rescue does so on Aug. 11. They hand Mack to a deputy sheriff, in a box stating Mack had died and these were his remains.

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Scott City Animal Emergency Center closes due to staffing issues

The Animal Emergency Center in Scott City, Mo. has announce it’s closure, effective immediately. According to an announcement by AEC the closure is due to the inability to maintain staff at the facility. A call to the facility yielded no human response but the answering machine stated that the facility was indeed closed and would not reopen. Clients are being

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Seth Casteel demonstrates how to photograph shelter animals [videos]

So do you know what Seth Casteel says about photographing shelter animals? He says, “Just one picture can save a life.” And he’s absolutely right. A good, attention-grabbing image of a shelter pet may be that animal’s best chance of getting out of the shelter and into a new and loving forever-home.

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Malden makes decision to halt animals gassing for surrounding communities

Documents showing the number of animals coming in from Kennett for gassing had been released to the public Wednesday evening. Kennett Humane Department and their supporters were claiming the numbers were false. In order to clear the air, Donna Prenger agreed to obtain further documentation from the city offices on Friday to set the record straight. Those documents were published late Friday evening. -City administrator, Ted Bellers, had already made the decision earlier in the week that Malden would no longer offer gassing euthanasia services to surrounding communities. A letter was sent out to area city administrators on Wednesday, informing them of the decision

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