Mack’s a runner

Mack is lost…..she does not say Mack is home, just that he’s been found. And she doesn’t make the comment until approximately 15-16 hours after he has been retrieved by the rescue.

On the rescue’s own Facebook page, posts and comments have been deleted by this time, and part of the paper trail is forever gone. … More Mack’s a runner

The inevitable adoption of Mack

Not long after Jamie’s trip to Rough Road Rescue she returned with her family pets to see how Mack would react to them, and they to him. Everything went well. Lots of butt sniffing, a couple of snips from the foo-foo dog, and everybody was happy. After making a few more trips to the rescue, and spending time with Mack, Jamie decided Mack would make a wonderful addition to her family.

Jamie filled out the adoption application. … More The inevitable adoption of Mack

In search of Mack

Patterson adopted Mack from Rough Road Rescue who later confiscated Mack back and refused to return the dog to his family. Patterson won in court twice and still the rescue wouldn’t bring the dog home. Court of Appeals order the rescue to return Mack “forthwith”. The Rescue does so on Aug. 11. They hand Mack to a deputy sheriff, in a box stating Mack had died and these were his remains. … More In search of Mack