Semo Animal Welfare

Animal News & Information from Southeast Missouri & Beyond


In 2007 I began writing a news column on entitled Southeast Missouri Animal Welfare. Because of my long term involvement with animal rescue most of my articles were geared in that direction. I wrote about the good, the bad, and everything in between.

In 2016, officially changed its format from an online news source to a music venue. During that transition all previously published materials were terminated. In an effort to preserve some of my more popular articles published on Examiner, and to continue to bring the SEMO area an animal welfare news source and resource base, this blog was created.

Just around the same time I made the decision to step away from organized animal rescue. I had my belly full of it and not from the normal burnout reasons.

In the interim I’ve written plenty, but not published as much. Occasionally I’ll publish a piece that I may have written weeks or months ago and just never shared. And I’ve slowly but surely transferred over old Examiner articles as they become pertinent to current events.  In a nutshell: posts published to this blog can be sporadic at times.

So here you will find local animal resources, news topics, and yes, a bit of commentary. I have strong opinions on certain topics and I will share them. I’ll try to to keep it interesting and informative.

If you have animal related material that you feel is a topic worth sharing, please use the contact page to leave your suggestion.

~ Gila

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