Press release from Caruthersville Humane Society, January 30, 2020

(Caruthersville, MO)   Caruthersville Humane Society representatives are seeking information about two separate animal dumping cases this week.  Humane Society President Karol Wilcox said that the shelter was dealing with an injured dog dumped in the Brown Shoe Ditch in Caruthersville and several cats dumped on county road 408 in Pemiscot County in the last four days.

“We received a call Monday that a female dog with bad injuries was found in the Brown Shoe Ditch on Sunday,” Wilcox said, “That dog was transported to the shelter Monday where she required immediate veterinary attention.”

Wilcox said the dog, now named Sophie, had sustained deep injuries to her leg and neck.  “The injuries were several days old and it was too late to get sutures, so she is being treated with heavy antibiotics and daily cleansing.” Wilcox said, “We are offering a $500 reward for any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person who left this dog untreated in the ditch.” 

Wilcox says the dog could not walk very well and could not have made her way out of the ditch.  “If not for a good samaritan that stopped and helped her, she most likely would have died alone in the ditch,” she said.  Sophie is expected to make a full recovery.

According to Wilcox the Humane Society then received a call to county road 408 on Thursday.  Once on the scene, Humane Society representatives discovered three plastic pet carriers on the side of the road.  All three carriers had open doors.  The first two carriers had wet cut up t-shirts in them and were empty.  The third carrier had the door open and still contained a live but ill female cat.  Tracks around the other two carriers indicated they had contained cats also.   A search of the area did not yield any results for the missing cats. 

The cat who had been named Myracle needed vet care. She is being treated for a severe upper respiratory infection and had a blue collar almost embedded in her neck.   It could not be determined how long the carriers were in the cold and rainy weather.  “We will still continue to search for the others, but that area is known to have a lot of coyotes and prey animals,” Wilcox said, “Our chances of finding the others are probably pretty slim.”

The Humane Society is offering a $500 reward for information that leads the the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who dumped these animals in the county.

“This is so hard to deal with when you work these cases,”  Wilcox said.  “Either one of these animals would most likely have died alone in the cold.”  Myracle is expected to make a full recovery.

If you have information about any of these cases, you can call the shelter at (573) 333-9977.   There is an answering machine if no one answers and calls can remain confidential.  You can also message Caruthersville Humane Society on Facebook.