(See July 12 update below post)

Last week I received a message from Gena Davis. Her family owns and operates Semo Dog Trainers in Fisk, Mo. She was asking for help.

Fisk is a rural community just outside of Poplar Bluff Missouri and surrounded by breed bans, i.e. no pit bulls allowed. And much to their surprise the Davis family now find themselves in possession of two very loving mixed breed dogs.

Neighbors to the training facility had two young male dogs that would frequently visit Semo Trainers during the work day. They were friendly dogs, well mannered and never any trouble. At the end of the day one of the Davis family would return the dogs home or the owner would pick them up at the center. This happened on a few occasions until one day, the dog’s owner told Gena that they wouldn’t take them back. Gena was instructed to take them to the pound. The owner did not feel they could care for the two any longer.

Gena says they’ve come to know the dogs, Turner and Hooch, very well. She says they are smart, affectionate dogs that have been raised with small children. She says they are well mannered and through all their visits, have never been a problem.

There was no way, Gena said, that she could take the dogs to the pound.

Turner and Hooch are one and a half year old pit bull mixes. They are brothers and have been together since birth. They are uncommonly good looking dogs for the area, Gena says, well behaved, and enjoy a good run and play in the yard. They love to go for rides. You can tell they’ve lived as family members.

Gena says they are just all around good dogs but because of their mix she and her family are having a hard time finding a trusted home. They turned to a friend in rescue but so far haven’t been able to find the right person or organization to see that these dogs get to a good place.

Gena says that they have several large dogs of their own otherwise they would keep Turner and Hooch. And the kennel at the training center is just not a good place for them to live. Gena said they are willing to keep the dogs until they can be placed but need some help getting the word out and finding assistance to do that.

Turner and Hooch have been to the veterinarian and are up to date on all their vaccinations. Both boys are both still intact. Gena says she would like to have them neutered in hopes that it would make them more attractive for adoption or rescue and to prevent them from getting into the wrong hands and be used for breeding purposes.

If you or your organization can help, please reach out to Gena Davis at Semo Dog Trainers in Fisk, Mo. (573) 300-3129.

UPDATE: Semo Dog Trainers contacted me on July 12, 2019 and advised that Turner & Hooch had found their forever home, together! They now have their very own family, with their very own human kids, and are living the life!

Gena promises an update, soon!