Rabies and Booster vaccinations for just $25

Malden Veterinary Clinic will be providing off site vaccination clinics, for reduced prices, at the following locations.

Please note the dates and times for each location.

Cost are Rabies $10.00 Rabies and DA2PPV OR FVRCP Booster $15.00.

Saturday, April 13th
Malden Vet Clinic 10AM-12PM
Parma 12:15PM-12:45PM
Gideon by Fire Station and Post Office 1PM-2PM
Clarkton Fire Station 12:30PM-2PM
Holcomb Fire Station 2:15PM-3:30PM

Friday, April 26th
New Madrid Community Building 4PM-6PM

Saturday, April 27th
Portageville 1PM-3PM

Friday, May 3rd
Marston City Hall 3PM-5PM

Saturday, May 4th 
Qulin City Hall 10AM-12PM
Campbell City Park 12:30PM-2:30PM

Saturday, May 11th 
Hayti Town Square 10AM-12PM
Steele Dog Pound 12:30PM-1:30PM
Caruthersville at Humane Society 1PM-2:30PM

Please contact Malden Veterinary Clinic for further details. | (573) 276-5744


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