Monday evening Jack Lowe was hanging out, playing Frisbee golf, in Kessler Park in the Northeast section of Kansas City, Mo.

“I threw an errant Frisbee golf shot, and it went into the woods. As I was looking for my Frisbee golf disc, I came across the remains of a horse that clearly looked distressed. I mean, there was rope around its neck, around its legs,” said Lowe.

Lowe called 911 and alerted authorities. Animal control responded but due to the late hour they waited and returned early Tuesday morning. What they found was horrible.

Here’s KCTV5 News.

The horse’s remains were sent to the Kansas State Veterinary School to see if it can be determine when the horse actually died.

The investigation is currently being handled by animal control unless it’s discovered that the horse was stolen, in which case law enforcement will take over.

City police have receive several reports of missing horses and they are following up leads. Area cameras are being checked for suspicious activity.

If you have information about this case please call the city’s 311 line, 513-DUMP or the TIPS hotline at 816-474-TIPS.