The Caruthersville Humane Society, a no kill shelter currently located in Hayti, Mo., announced last night that it has reached a Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Caruthersville. This agreement will merge the Humane shelter with the Caruthersville city shelter, once again.

The two organizations operated in conjunction, and in the same building, for decades up until six years ago when CHS moved to Hayti to carry out their no-kill mission.

“Situations required a move six years ago,” CHS President Karol Wilcox said, “and we were blessed to be deeded a building in Hayti. We received a lot of help to make it function.”

Wilcox confirmed that negotiations began months ago when the City of Caruthersville Animal Control Officer was slated to retired.

“When we were approached with the idea of the merge it seemed logical to consider all the possibilities,” said Wilcox. She stated that the shelter’s time in Hayti had been very fulfilling, however, during their six years in Hayti inflation and overhead costs continued to rise. More and more of the organization’s funds were used for building upkeep and overhead.

Wilcox says the Humane Society and the city have already begun facilitating the merge back into the building at 500 E. Industrial Drive in Caruthersville. She confirmed that the organization will still operate as a no-kill shelter and will continue to help with animals in Hayti and surrounding areas as they always have.

Dog at Caruthersville Humane Society awaiting adoption.

The organization is asking that citizens be patient during the transition.

“We have two shelters full of animals that we are working on rehoming and preparing for a move.” she said, “ and we are making basic upgrades and repairs to the Caruthersville building to prepare for state licensure. We ask that citizens understand that for a couple of weeks or so, we may not be operating either facility at full service.”

According to Wilcox all of the animals ready for adoption will be posted on the Humane Society’s Facebook page.

The organization will be waiving adoption fees for about a month to help move some of the animals.

Although the adoptions fees will be waved, Wilcox wants everyone to understand that adoption protocols will be the same as with any adoption. “We will follow all of our regular adoption guidelines in choosing owners,” Wilcox said.

Wilcox further states that she is very grateful to the city of Caruthersville. “We feel like this will be a big win for the animals in the whole community and we’ll be able to direct more of our funds into helping more animals. We so appreciate the help of the city workers, the City Council and Mayor, and the new Animal Control Officer Chris Thacker. Chris is going to be a very dedicated Animal Control Officer,” said Wilcox.

The Humane Society has already worked a neglect case with Officer Thacker. Charges in the case are pending.

Plans for a Homecoming Open House will be announced once details have been lined out.

For more information please contact K. Wilcox (573) 359-5802.