If you’ve been online or watched the news at all over the past few days chances are you’ve probably seen this woman. Her name is Chelsea Vasquez and she’s the woman on the viral videos seen dragging a dog named Zebra down the road behind her scooter.

This all took place in a relatively nice neighborhood in Bakersfield, Ca.

Image by Brandon Sanders

Authorities estimate Vasques was traveling about 15 mph where
a cyclist in the area, Brandon Sanders, says he watched Vasquez drag the dog for more than a hundred yards before he realized it was a live animal and stopped her.

When he confronted Vasquez and took her picture she smiled as she held the dog with injured, bloody feet.

Some reports state that Vasquez was wearing earbuds at the time and likely had no idea she was dragging the dog until Sanders stopped her.

According to news reports Sanders stated he later followed Vasquez to her apartment and questioned her about her cruelty to the dog. She responded to Sanders, ” Shit happens, just like with kids.”

Sanders’s response was, ” WTF?!?! Ummm yeah I don’t drag my kids down the street by a leash.”

Video of the incident were recorded by security cameras at the home of neighborhood resident James Dowell, who came forward with said videos after he saw the images of Vasquez and the dog circulating the internet.

See links below to view video.

Police and animal control officers were dispatched to the home of Vasquez after several reports were made but were initially unable to get a response at the residence. Detectives were later able to locate Vasquez and verify she was indeed the woman in the video but also discovered she was not the dog’s owner.

Authorities later located Zebra and owner. The dog is seeing a veterinarian and receiving proper medical attention. Zebra is doing well at home and expected to make a full recovery. The dog will remain in the custody of his owner.

Vasquez was taken in for questioning and later released pending further investigation.

According to Vasquez’s newly hired attorney, “We have been 100% cooperative with the Bakersfield Police Department and their investigation. My client loves animals, especially Zebra, the dog who was shown in the video. We are confident that once law enforcement has concluded their investigation that this will be ruled an isolated incident. The dog is doing great and expected to have a full and short recovery.”

Bakersfield Now

No charges have been filed in the case.