Starting the new year with long awaited changes. Look for periodic outages on the website.

We had hoped to get all the website maintenance-upgrades done by the the time 2019 had arrived but that didn’t happen. Software was slow to arrive, upgrades were delayed, and some items are still pending.

And while it would have been nice to implement all of our fun new things all at once, par for the course we’ll be doing it all one piece at a time.

A slight agitation on our end and likely nothing our readers will ever notice, but we thought we should give you a heads up anyway.

What strange things might you notice?

Well, you might come here to visit and be met with a notice that says the owner has made this site private.

That’s code words for we can’t have visitors and upload some things into our site at the same time without messing anything up. We’ll only be down a short time. If the site is going to be inaccessible any real length of time, there will be a notice sent out in email and on our Facebook page.

It’s possible, but not likely, that you’ll see a few odd emails from us. I say odd only because they will be test posts to make sure new features we are adding are working properly. We are hoping we can stop them from sending, so as not to bother anyone, but we’ll see.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you and thank you in advance for your patience.


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