I live and work in the boonies. I hate to shop. Running to the store is not just “right down the road” for me. Pet food is always on the top of the list of must-grabs when I do venture into town. Sometimes it’s the only reason I go.

Well, it used to be.

Each trip to town used to mean lugging multiple 20-40 lb. bags of food out of the store, into my car, then out of my car and up the hill into my house. Each of those 40 lb. bags cost about $40.00 plus the cost of gas and time to go get them.

That’s a lot of work and a lot of money and frankly, and I have better things to do with the time it takes to do all that. My back could use the break.

So I looked around and found several retailers online that would ship my dog food and other supplies right to the house. No more shopping and minimal labor.

Some had totally free shipping with orders of certain amounts or more. But I found three well-known retailers that had auto ship programs that offered not only free shipping, but discounts for being enrolled in their program.

So, not only could I get the convenience of home delivery, but I could get free delivery, discounts, and I don’t even have to remember to place my order anymore. Twice a month, it just shows up at my house.

Amazon’s program is called Subscribe & Save. This video explains it all. Discounts for five or more items a month on auto ship, free shipping, well, just watch the video.

There are also coupons for hundreds of Subscribe & Save items.



  • Save 5%-15% on all auto ship items.
  • Orders of $49 or more shipping is free.



How It Works:

  • Browse our great selection of brands and products. Add your desired items to your cart until you are done shopping and proceed to checkout.
  •  During checkout, select Auto-Ship under Scheduling + Delivery, select your delivery frequency and use promo code: 10X3 on your order of $65+ to save $30 (exclusions apply). 
  • Manage your Auto-Ship; change your products, delivery dates, shipping frequency or delivery information whenever you need and never run out!

FREE Shipping on orders over $49


I didn’t have a Prime account at the time, but with Amazon Subscribe & Save, I got an addition 5% off my order (even sale items) and shipping is always free even without Prime.

After awhile my auto ships piled up faster than my pets were eating them so I shut it down.You can cancel at any time without penalty.

Periodically I got emails from Amazon about coming back to auto ship services, and when I did, I got all the same perks a new member gets, which was substantially more than 5% off.

I was all over it. I restarted my subscription with 2 bags of Diamond Naturals ADULT Real Meat Recipe, on sale, and ended up getting 80 lbs. of premium dog food for $53.86, delivered to my door, in two days. 

summary- food order.JPG

All future auto ship deliveries will have a 5% discount. No shipping fees. I don’t have to do anything now that I have set everything up, but if I want to change up my order, add or subtract to it, I can. And I do that all the time.

I tried Chewy for awhile and their program was good. I just found that using the Amazon Subscribe & Save program actually saved me more money and I was able to combine my pet supplies with other regular household items and get even more savings.

I talked to a couple of people that use PetFlow and they were pretty happy with them as well.

No matter what supplier you might choose, do yourself a favor and look into auto shipping your regular pet supplies. I couldn’t be happier with the service I have received over the past year. Saving all that time, money, and labor has been great.

If you want to shop as local as possible, check with your local supply store and see of they have an auto ship or membership savings club to save you time and money. Even some rural feed and farm supply stores will offer free local delivery, and sometimes discounts, if you order a monthly minimum.

Practicality meets modern convenience with a side order savings. Who can pass that up?

Amazon Subscribe & Save – Save up to 15% off when receiving 5 or more products in a single month to a single address. You have thousands of items to choose from. Yes! Pet supplies are available for this program. It’s called Amazon Subscribe & Save. Shipping is always free.

Already making regular donations to your favorite animal shelter? You can set up Amazon Subscribe & Save and have items delivered directly to your favorite animal shelter on a regular basis.