I’ve written about animal welfare for years and never truly realized the scope of my audience, until recently. Not long ago I was taken aback by a message that I received from an eleven year old.

Charlie wrote to tell us that his mother allows him to read our articles and look through our Facebook feed, and that when he gets old enough to have his own Facebook account he will make sure to love our page.

The rules (with Mom) are that he can read but cannot comment, and Charlie says he cannot wait to have his own account, with his own name, so he can comment.

We can’t wait, Charlie!

Never once had we considered that children were reading, and are actually enthusiastic, about the information (and entertainment) that we provide.

Charlie, we are listening and we promise to share more kid friendly content on the website and Facebook page, for our young readers.

Parents, while we cannot promise that all of out content on our pages will be considered suitable for young audiences, we will always make sure to note a disclaimer at the beginning of any article containing graphic content.

So in honor of the Charlies in our crowd, and an expressed interest in snakes (and bats and other things), we found these videos that might be helpful.

We hope that you will find them a good start for young readers. We found them very informative.


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We’d love to hear from more of you. What do you want to see more of on our pages? Click here to tell us!

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