Sunday, Sept. 2, 4:15 p.m. the Woodford County Sheriff’s office and EMS responded to the scene of a motorcycle accident at 10-Mile Creek Road near the intersection of North Nancy Street, Peoria, Il.

There, a man and woman were found conscious, sitting on the side of the road near the motorcycle. Both riders were transported to hospitals.

The female, Melanie Coy, 62, of Jackson, Mo., had sustained serious injuries and was pronounced dead at 5:30 p.m. Today’s autopsy shows that Coy’s death was caused by multiple blunt force injuries consistent with a motorcycle accident.

The name of the driver and his condition has not yet been released.

Reports indicated that the motor cycle had gone down in a curve and skidded several feet. Nothing official but some say wet pavement may be the culprit.

It bears noting that both the driver and Coy were wearing helmets.

The incident remains under investigation.





Melanie Coy was a well respected Pit Bull Fancier and faithful advocate of the breed. She was as tenacious as the breed she so loved and a force to be reckoned with. Melanie was all of that and more, long before it was popular to be so, and left an impression on everyone she met.

She will be greatly missed.

R.I.P Mel.

– Gila

Petco Oct. 2, 2011 | Image © Gila Todd