This time of year most of my friends would be quick to reply “Great! Fantastic! Cards at a 3-1 victory on Wednesday winning their first sweep at Dodger Stadium since 2006.”

No. Those aren’t the birds I was referring to. But hey, Go Cards!

Does this now make me guilty of click bait?

I was actually referring the the birds so plentiful this year. Real birds; feathers, beaks, and all. Friends tell me they’ve seen a broader variety of species this year and I am hearing it from all over the Midwest. I know it’s certainly true around my neck of the woods.

I know as much about birds as the average animal lover. My education on birds typically begins and ends with those I’ve had chance to actually encounter. (i.e. those little Eastern Bluebirds that visit my wood stove and have to be freed every single year for example)

If I have bird questions, I have four go-to sites that I’ve used for years and I wanted to share them with you. You know, just in case you are curious about what species is leaving that mess all over your new patio furniture.

AudubonNational Audubon Society

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Nest Watch
Nest Watch by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Missouri Department of Conservation

I have a lot of information to read up on before the winter. I’ll be relocating a couple of new residents this fall and I’m sketchy on the details.  Stay tuned.

If you have links you would like to share, please leave them in the comment section below.

Happy birding!