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Who loves deep discounts?

Who loves deep discounts?As an Amazon Affiliate member, we can offer our readers deep discounts on all sorts of promotional products, everyday items, and of course, pet supplies.

When I say deep discounts, I’m not kidding. I’m seeing savings of 30-90%.  

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How NOT to advertise a pet needing a new home on social media

My third grade teacher once told me, “Never say or do anything that you wouldn’t want  to see splashed all over the morning newspaper.” Words to live by.

In this day and age, one would think the same goes with social media. One would also think that this is something a reporter would be privy to. 

But not Delta Dunklin Democrat reporter, Laura Ford. It’s likely she’s learning though, since she publicly posted her advertisement of two dogs, in need of a home, on Facebook- if advertisement is what you want to call it. 

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