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Continued from “Meeting Mack“…
After spending a little time at the kennels, passing out blankets, and learning about the rescue’s operations Jamie and Jaiden found themselves smitten with none other than Mack. Jamie hesitantly inquired about adoption.Steve and Linda were more than happy to provide details.

Not long after Jamie’s trip to Rough Road Rescue she returned with her family pets to see how Mack would react to them, and they to him. Everything went well. Lots of butt sniffing, a couple of snips from the foo-foo dog, and everybody was happy.

After making a few more trips to the rescue, and spending time with Mack, Jamie decided Mack would make a wonderful addition to her family.

Jamie filled out the adoption application.

Rough Road Rescue checked Jamie’s personal and vet references and ran a background check on Jamie and her husband. No red flags. Background checks might seem a little intense but it’s becoming the norm for more and more rescues these days whether they’ll admit to it or not.

The next step was to schedule a home visit. If that went well, Jamie would be able to adopt Mack.

The home visit was scheduled and the Svehla’s arrived at Jamie’s with Mack in tow. Everyone was excited to receive visitors. The Svehla’s spent a considerable amount of time with Mack in Jamie’s home that afternoon. The place was spacious enough and clean. Mack interacted with the kids and the other pets like he was right at home. Everyone seemed to just mesh.

I spoke with both Steve and Linda either later that night or the following morning to see how the home visit had gone, fully expecting Mack to be back at the rescue. Typically, the home visit takes place, the Svehla’s would return to the rescue, adoptable pet still with them, and make a decision to finalize the adoption, or not, at a later date.

But apparently, the home visit had gone so well with Mack that the decision to approve the adoption had already been made, the papers were signed, and Mack was now living his dream with a brand new family of his own.

Steve and Linda both seemed very happy with their decision but they had been so rushed to finalize everything they had forgotten to take an adoption picture and asked if I would mind swinging by Mack’s new home on my next trip to town and do the honors. I was more than happy to oblige, and I did so Feb. 8, 2015.

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Remember Jaiden? Jamie’s young son that made bracelets to sell to make blankets to give to all the dogs at the rescue in the dead of winter?

This is him. This is Jaiden. Good kid. Big heart, smart, adorable. Mack’s new boy. And they were in love with each other.

When I arrived at Jamie’s to take pics,  I was greeted by children and a very happy, and well adjusted, Mack. He was as happy as it gets.

I spent the next three hours or so watching Mack have the time of his life with three children, another dog, and a curious cat. It was a wonderful “aaahhhh” moment getting to see a happy ending. To watch a dog that was once abandoned, having lived through lord knows what, and having spent the last year of his life in a kennel, now roll in the grass and play til he’s exhausted, was a touching experience.

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So many really good animals never experience that kind of contentment so it was good to see Mack coming into his own. It was touching to see the bond that had already formed between Mack and his new family and the dynamics Mack added to the mix.

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Being the love bug he is and particularly partial to the ladies, Mack didn’t hold back on giving Jamie plenty of lovin’s during my visit.

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I left that day feeling that Mack had struck it rich and was right where he belonged. I called Steve and Linda when I got home and sent them the photos I had taken.

They asked me how I felt Mack was adjusting. I told them I thought he was right at home.

They agreed.

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Additional information will be posted in the coming days. Please check the bottom of the post “In search of Mack” for new additions to Mack’s story and continuing timeline.

If you have information on Mack’s whereabouts, please contact the Patterson family at (573) 513-1901. You may also contact Perry County Sheriff’s Department at (573) 547-4576. Any information can remain anonymous.