UPDATE: August 15, 2017 – MACK IS HOME!

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Jamie Patterson adopted her dog Mack in 2015, from Rough Road Rescue, located just outside of Perryville, Mo.

Months later, Mack escaped the Patterson home and in the process of Patterson trying to find him, Mack was turned over to Rough Road Rescue after the rescue offered a reward of their own.

Mack was at the rescue by Christmas morning, 2016.

Rough Road Rescue first attempted to hide from Patterson the fact that they had Mack, and later made it impossible for her to collect her dog.

A court battle ensued. Patterson sued the rescue for custody of Mack, and won, but still the rescue refused to return the dog.

At one point, Steve Svehla, President of Rough Road Rescue, was arrested and jailed for refusing to return Mack to Patterson as the court had ordered. Svehla posted bond and was released from jail the following day. He then filed a motion with the Missouri Court of Appeals. Even though the lower court had already ordered Mack returned home, Mack continued to sit in a kennel at Rough Road Rescue while the case was being fought out in the system.

On August 9, the Missouri Court of Appeals filed it’s response to Rough Road Rescue’s appeal stating, “This Court has now issued an opinion affirming the judgment of the trial court. In the exercise of its discretion, this Court chooses to lift the stay and order Mack returned to Respondent. Respondent’s motion to lift the bond and permit execution is granted. The dog Mack is ordered returned to Respondent forthwith. The trial court may enter any appropriate orders to execute the judgment.”

(You can read the article about the Appeals Court ruling published on The Perryville News website by clicking here)

Rough Road Rescue filed papers yesterday. Aug. 10, to have the Missouri Court of appeals rehear the case. Mack was scheduled to return home today, Aug. 11, 2017.

At 10 a.m. this morning, Steve Svehla appeared in person, along with the Perry County Sheriff’s Department, to return Mack to Jamie and her family.

After almost two years of waiting for their beloved pet, Patterson and her children watched as Svehla handed the deputy a small box and a couple of papers and stated that he was “sorry for their loss”, and walk away after conveying that Mack was dead and his remains were in the box. (Cremated)

Svehla claims that Mack died at the rescue in May of this year.

The papers given to Patterson indicate that Mack was seen by a vet for an illness in November 2016 but was treated for that illness and recovered. There was no mention of Mack’s death anywhere on the paperwork supplied to Patterson.

Owner of the crematorium who typically handles cremations for the rescue, reached out to Patterson and stated that they had not cremated her dog. They offered any assistance they could.

Svehla’s actions beg to question. If Mack were truly deceased, why would Svehla have filed additional requests with the court only yesterday? And even stranger, Svehla’s own attorney’s did not appear to be ware of Mack’s supposed passing until just today.

The general consensus is that Mack is still very much alive and being hidden and possibly harbored by other parties.

It bears noting that anyone harboring this animal is doing so at their own risk, legally. Mack is the center of an ongoing court case and anyone outside of Patterson possessing him at this point would be considered in possession of stolen property and obstructing justice; both fairly serious crimes.

So here we are, in search of Mack.

This is Mack, as he looked loving his kid, just before he was confiscated and held unjustly, by the rescue.

Image courtesy of Jamie Patterson

Jamie and her family just want Mack to come home and it’s for sure Mack only wants the same.

Mack was last known to be in the Perryville area but could be anywhere at this point. Please share Mack’s story far and wide so that people everywhere will know his face.

What Rough Road Rescue has done to this dog and his family is an atrocity. It puts a black mark animal rescue and a cloud over those who actually do it right.

Any way you look at it, shame on Rough Road Rescue.

Shame on them for not returning Mack to his loving and obviously devoted family. Shame on them for keeping Mack in a kennel this past year and a half while they fought a court battle to preserve nothing more than their ego. Shame on them for thumbing their nose at the law.

If Mack really did die in May, shame on them for making his last days, those of seclusion and kennel life, when he had a perfectly good home with a loving family to be with.

And if they are hiding him, and lied to this family about his death, shame on them for the coldness in their heart and wicked attempt to deceive Macks family, the law, and any small following of supporters they may still have.

And lastly, shame on them for breaking every law and ethic that they rant and rave to cram down everyone’s throat.

Legally, Mack belongs to Jamie Patterson. A court has ordered it so.

Ethically, Mack belongs with his family.

We believe Mack is alive. Please read his story, share, and help us bring Mack back home!


08/15/2017 Svehla delivers Mack, alive, to the Perry County Sheriff’s Department.

08/14/2017 Mot for Withdrawal of Counsel
Electronic Filing Certificate of Service.

08/11/2017 Other Motion to Show Cause Why Appellants Should Not Be Held in Contempt of Court; Electronic Filing Certificate of Service.