You’ll see her on Facebook as Brittnany Sparks but her real name is Patricia Zimmerle.

She’s got a whole list if names she goes by; Patricia Ellis, Chasity Brown, Sherry Evans, Theresa Clark, Stacy Camp, Lynn Clark, Renee Almaraz, and now Brittnany Sparks, just to name a few.

She’s a pet flipper.

Pet flippers are people who acquire and resell pets for profit. They purchase pets cheap, or acquire them for free, for the sole purpose of reselling them. Some of these pets are resold within hours or sometimes just minutes of being picked up from their original owners. You may think that you are giving your pet away ‘free to a good home’, but with a pet flipper, your pet is on its way to being sold to the highest bidder.

Patricia Zimmerle, a.k.a.Brittnany Sparks has a long history of pet flipping. She’s been reported to the Missouri Department of Agriculture on more than one occasion.

Recently, she’s been making her rounds in the Perryville and Ste. Genevieve area, scooping up dogs and puppies.Once she’s gotten her hands on some, they are for sale all over social media.

PZ 01-17-17-7.JPG

She may even be advertising  ‘rescued’ dogs and calling the sale price an ‘adoption’ fee.

But Patricia is not a licensed rescue or shelter and that’s not an adoption fee, that’s a sale price, and pure profit. Rescues and shelters provide at least some veterinary care for the animals they adopt out. Pet flippers do not vet their animals. Some do not even provide most basic care. Injury and spread of disease is high in pets resold by pet flippers.

PZ 01-17-17-6.JPG

Do you recognize Patricia?  She’s aged a few years since this image was taken but you get the general idea of her appearance.


Patricia sometimes works with husband, Chris Zimmerle.

The pair have been known to change and disable their Facebook profiles when confronted, only to open other pages under new names. Sometimes they simply change the name of their page but as you can see in the screenshot, the URL (web address) remains the original page name.

PZ 01-17-17-5.JPG

In addition to Perryville and Ste. Genevieve, Patricia has made her rounds through the Missouri areas of Grassy, Arcadia, Marble Hill, Jackson, Potosie, Farmington, Greenville, Ironton, Fredericktown, Jefferson County, Cape Girardeau, and Bismark, Mo.

You can read more about pet flippers by clicking here. You’ll find quite a lot of information on Patricia, a.k.a. Brittnany Sparks there too, along with dozens of screenshots to show her activities.