There has been conversation of late regarding the proper care of our equine friends during winter months. Shelter, no shelter. Changing grain, or not. Vitamins or no vitamins? There will varying degrees of care, based on which equine owner you ask, but most good horse owners follow the same basic care regimen for winterizing for both horses and barns.

Winter months for horses means temps are down, exercise can be impeded, and nutritional requirements do change. (There’s also the available food source to consider)

Barns can become more difficult to manage because of additional hours of occupancy each day.

I read several articles on the subject and found one that hits on many of the main points one should consider when winterizing for your animals. It’s written by Nancy S. Loving, DVM, entitled,Winterizing Horses.


I recommend it for a good read and welcome any comments you would like to leave below.