16729274-standardLocal animal shelters and rescues throughout the region are hunkering down for the upcoming colder weather. Outdoor runs and kennels are being outfitted with straw and blankets to provide a warmer and more comfortable sleeping area as the temperatures fall.

Blankets are big thing with animal welfare agencies. They provide warmth and comfort for animals kept in both inside and outside kennels, throughout the colder months.

Next time you clean out your closet(s), check to see if you have any old blankets that you don’t use anymore. Animals in your local shelters will thank you.

Hotels and motels frequently throw out bedding. If you work for a local lodging establishment, ask your manager if they would be willing to donate their old bedding to local shelters. You can remind them that all donations are tax deductible.

Make sure to check with your local shelter or rescue to see if they have any restrictions on bedding. Some animal welfare organizations prefer blankets that are not fiber filled as they see that as a possible choking hazard. Others do not. vintage-wool-camp-blanket-army-blankets-lot-rustic-primitive-old-wool-blankets-Laurel-Leaf-Farm-item-no-s91525-1.jpg

A quick call to your local animal welfare organization will inform you with their individual guidelines and they’ll let you know the best way and time to drop off donations.

If you do not have a preferred local shelter or rescue, you can click here to find a list of those in Southeast Missouri that will gladly accept any donations you may have to offer.