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Mack is home!

This is Mack.

After almost two years, Mack is finally home again with his family!

He was adopted from a rescue, got loose from his family and was lost, and then confiscated by the same rescue he came from.

After a year and a half long legal battle, and multiple court rulings for the rescue to return the dog back to his owners, the rescue hands off a box of cremated remains last week to Mack’s family, stating that he had died, and walked away.20770446_1296173693849546_3670244137348654319_n

Today, Mack is home, alive, and living large!
Read more about Mack’s story here.


Occasionally we run into odd parings of animals and people.

Amanda and Froggy just happen to be unusual companions.
Enjoy the story of this odd couple.unusual-companions

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